An ancient complimentary therapy.


Reflexology is an ancient complimentary therapy originating from Europe. It works by facilitating the healing of both the physical and emotional body, through pressure massage on the feet and other specific body parts. The Holistic approach can help create inner harmony within the body, which in turn allows the natural restoration of its own healthy balance. This gentle therapy brings about the relaxation response via the nervous system, allowing change to take place within the person.

Do you have any of the following complaints?

Sleep Disorders
Sports Injuries
Hormonal Imbalance
Acute or Chronic Conditions
Weak Immune System
Toxin build-ups
Back Pain

Reflexology may be able to help you!!!

Each session is specific to the individual, therefore an initial consultation is necessary to assess your current condition - this may take upto 1hr 20mins. Once a treatment plan has been divised for the individual, follow up sessions need only last an hour at a time. This treatment in non-invasive and does not require the use of any drugs, needles or chemicals. Please contact Jan for prices & further information.