An ancient complimentary therapy.


Reiki can be described like pouring clean water into a glass of muddy water. Firstly it brings any impurities to the surface, and as we keep adding clean water it eventually becomes clear.

When universal life energy becomes blocked discomfort and disease can occur. During a Reiki session the practitioner facilitates the release of such blockages in a gentle but effective way.

Jan Parker-Grafflin is a fully qualified Reiki Practitioner offering treatments to both humans and animals alike. If you would like to experience this natural healing session please contact Jan to book a consultation.

How can Reiki help my animal?
Reiki and animals is a natural combination since they readily accept its healing benefits without judgement, scepticism or hesitation. Reiki may help with the following situations:

Relief from Arthritis or Rheumatism
Accelerate healing post surgical trauma
Help to heal wounds, breaks & sprains
Help delay the progression of some diseases
Energize & Revitalize older animals
Help Alleviate Lethargy & Depression
Soothe & Calm
In the case of a dying animal Reiki can provide compassionate support that can make the transition more peaceful for both animal and owner. Reiki however, is not a replacement therapy, but an addition to other treatment or medication. If you believe your pet would benefit from a natural healing session, please contact Jan via Perfect Petcare to book a consultation.

Interested in learning Reiki?
Jan Parker-Grafflin is a trained Reiki Master and Teacher. She is able to provide tuition for Reiki One and Reiki Two starting in January 2009.

Reiki One - Personal

This is a great course that will teach you how to use and understand the principles of Reiki in everyday life. It provides the skills and attunement necessary to channel Reiki healing for yourself and your family. It is an inspirational and empowering introduction to the powers of natural healing.

Reiki Two - Practitioner

This course further develops your personal understanding of Reiki and introduces you to Reiki symbols and mantras, as well as how to scan and beam Reiki energy. It concentrates on how to give Reiki therapy to others, and the certificate enables you to practice Reiki in the public domain subject to insurance.

Please contact Jan for prices & further information on these courses.